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Patient Reviews


"The staff here is amazing. So nice and caring. Dr. Tran is amazing with kids!!"

Amy L., Patient's Mother
February 2017

"Friendly environment, I definitely recommend to anyone."

Stephanie R., Patient
February 2017

"I could not recommend Crown Dental and Dr. Nguyen more! They are quick and efficient, and Dr. Nguyen has proven himself to be an honest and precise provider! Bree, the Practice Manager, goes above and beyond to accommodate Dr. Nguyen's patients! Thank you for exceptional service and treatment as always!"

Heather S., Patient
January 2017

"Love this dentist. Have had really bad childhood experiences with other orthodontics. I gotta say me and my family have had a very good experience here. Very friendly staff make you feel very welcomed. They explain every detail for the work you need done without being rude. My kids aren't scared to get seen here at all. they like coming to the dentist now. Especially getting to watch a movie while they wait to get checked out."

Ezzy C., Patient
January 2017

"I'll start by saying dentists make me nervous, however I'm so happy I came to crown dental on niles pt. I've never felt so comfortable and stress free at a dental office. I almost fell asleep twice in the chair!(and this was during a root canal!!)! Dr. Le is phenomenal, he makes going to the dentist a real treat. Dr. Le and the staff at crown dental have a way of keeping things light while making you feel welcome, giving you all the details and specifics. I can't praise these guys enough. Thank you so much crown dental, Dr. Le, and the whole staff. You guys are the best!"

Zach E., Patient
December 2016

"I really love going to this office a lot, I never had a bad experience the past a year or so! I really enjoy the courtesy call and a reminder to let me know that I had an appointment! The staff has been always been so amazing and so friendly and the doctors as well! :) I appreciate all the hard work they do and their professionalism is so welcoming :) I'm always so excited to get my teeth check and see that I had no cavities!! I was so proud and so happy to hear those words, and the doctor and the stuff congratulated me for keeping my teeth clean after my braces :) I'm staying with this office. Thank you for all that you do Crown Dental! I appreciate each and one of you guys!!"

Lizzie G., Patient
October 2016

"I love the care I always receive. That is why my entire family gets their dental care here. Had 5 crownes placed 2 years ago and they still look and feel great. Dr. Nguyen is an awesome dentist and he has friendly staff."

Tabitha R, Patient
October 2016

"I love coming to Crown Dental on White Ln because the whole staff is welcoming, respectful and very friendly."

Faviola S., Patient
September 2016

"My family have been under the care of Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Tran for several years now. Two incidents stand out during this time. One is when I called as a new or having a severe tooth ache. They got me in the same day and Dr. Nguyen ended up doing a root canal right there and then. This is not usually for any dental office, specially as a new patient, the wait could be weeks. Another is when my family had planned a trip for the day after my husband's dental appointment. He went in and ended up needing a procedure. In the middle of the procedure there was a power outage in the area. Obviously the procedure could not be left half way done and normally the office would probably have my husband go back the next day after the power would've bees retired but knowing we were leaving town the next morning, Dr. Nguyen told my husband that he didn't care what time the power would come back, that he would complete his treatment/procedure before our trip. The power ended up coming back around 9:30pm at which time Dr. Nguyen resumes my husband's procedure. Our routine appointments are always pleasant due to the amazing care provided by the doctors and both front and back office staff. Needless to say we love our Crown Dental and will forever be grateful!!!!!"

Daphne L., Patient
September, 2016

"I love my dentist been with him since 2008 I'm his second patient , will not go anywhere else I had bad experience in my child hood had a dentist slap me and came to crown dental and he the most caring person as well a dentist thank you so much."

Cheri D., Patient
September 2016

"Crown dental it's been one of the best dentist office I been to!! The office on White Ln is amazing good
Great staff all the girl there treated me as Family. The Doctors are very professional and kind there constantly asking if you are doing ok. What I can say is that my experience has been great!!"

Yadira P., Patient
August 2016

"Had an exceptional experience so I brought my little one for her dental work too. She had four crowns that needed to be done, I was so nervous for her but the work turned our beautifully by the lady dentist ( didn't catch her name ) and Edith, one of the assistants ( I think was her name ) kept me informed and in the loop at all times. She helped calm my nerves and was great. She reminded me a lot of how Bri was with me. Bri as usual was amazing and helped talk me through the procedure and helped with my questions I called about after. I'm so very pleased with this office , the staff, and the work . Highly recommended !!! I am writing so much and reviewing because I have had a lot of horrible past experiences with other places and they have changed my dental experience completely into one I can look forward to and trust for my 2 year old and not fear."

Kiki C., Patient
May, 2016

"I have been taking my 3 sons here over 5 years now for there cleaning and dental needs! The lady's there are always so welcoming & nice at our check ups. My youngest has the most energy and there always so patient & kind with him!! Love this place and definitely recommend it!!"

Shay S., Patient's Mother
May, 2016

"Dr. Jason and his staff are wonderful. They are there to make sure you are comfortable and getting the best care possible. I would definitely recommend Dr Jason to anyone."

Cindy L., Patient
April, 2016

"The staff cares about you and makes sure your comfortable. I am so happy I left that other dentist office that we see all over tv to come here. Thank you to all the Doctors and staff you guys really are a token to your education and career. Thank you thank you thank you"

Tyrone S., Patient
April, 2016

"My family and I have been coming for over a year and my 4 year old asks when we're going back. They have the best doctors and office staff."

Silvia L., Patient
March, 2016

"I love this place and Dr. Nguyen. He made my dreams come true by fighting my insurance company to repair my smile. At the age of 2 i was giving antibiotics that ruined my top 6 teeth. My teeth were yellow and chipped. Every dentist i went to told me insurance would not cover it because it was considered a cosmetic issue. When i came in for the first visit Dr. Nguyen told me that my insurance could possibly cover crownes. I did not want to get my hopes up. But within two weeks i received the approval. Ive had my crownes for two years and i love them. I have self esteem and no longer have to worry about covering my mouth when i laugh. Dr. Nguyen loves his patients and his work. I will never go to any dentist."

Tabitha R., Patient
February, 2016

"I had not been to the dentist for quite some time, so when i could no longer put it off a friend reffered me to crown dental. I was a little apprehensive about my oral hygiene, but at crown dental they made me feel at ease. They took the time to educate me and go over the treatment i needed. All the staff is great and Dr Nguyen is genuine. They also take good care of my 5 yr old son. Dr Tran is very patient and great with kids I highly recommend office for any family looking for a good dental office."

Dom L., Patient
January, 2016

"Had my 2nd "Dental-thon" at Crown Dental, and like all the times before I walk out feeling better and smiling bigger. The entire staff are great! Every time myself or my wife & kids have had any type of emergency, CROWN DENTAL has been at the ready. The office hours of operation are more accommodating than most and they can always find the time to fit you in. I have been loyal to this office and staff for over 6 years since my first emergency "Dental-thon" where I spent 8 hours in the chair and enjoyed 4 movies. I don't know what I would have done other than suffer had I not found Crown Dental. The excellent care, compassion and service are the reasons that they have earned my continued business. My wife and daughters also get the same TLC and enjoy the friendly staff and professional services that CROWN DENTAL provide. We have recommended these fine services to friends who have also been given the same great care. We look forward to our next visit for a good cleaning."

Jon D., Patient
January, 2016

"I've have been going to Crown Dental over 8+ years and I can tell you that every visit has been a pleasure. Not only because of Dr. Nguyen's gentle care with our family, the calming atmosphere, the reasonably price with our insurance, it's because "Every time" we come in for routine check-ups or unexpected work, the STAFF is incredibly friendly and make us feel like family. I was originally referred by a friend of the family and they too are a loyal patient of many years. I have and will continue to praise their services. This is definitely it easy referral for those who are reading this."

Cilla W., Patient
January, 2016

"Dr.Nguyen is absolutely hands down, the best dentist around. He and his staff restored my trust and confidence in a dental office. They always make sure that I'm comfortable and taken care of! So thankful to have chosen this dentist. Thank you!!"

Heidi G., Patient
December, 2015

"My family and me go here .very friendly and great staff."

Gabriel R., Patient
October, 2015

"I had an appt one day and I had got a bad headache so I called that day to cancel. They told me there was going to be a cancelation charge. I said thats ok I really dont care. They called me back after a few mins and said the doctor wasn't going to charge me n he hoped I felt better soon. Very he is good dentist. Polite, caring n knows his work."

Sandy P., Patient
October, 2015

"I love this place I've been bringing my kids here for years they are so comfortable with the staff and Doctor."

Bridget L., Patients's Mother
June, 2015

“The crowns that you did are perfect. My entire life I had crowns that would keep on breaking or coming off. I have so much confident in your crowns that I don’t have to be careful when I eat. I am eating meat and everything that I want without being afraid.”

Felix R., Patient
July, 2015

“Quality care, exceptional service, skilled and very professional staff. The best Dr's in town!”

Kevin T., Patient
June, 2015

"Dr Nguyen is by far the best dentist in town, the staff is friendly ,thank you Dr Nguyen and Bree!☺"

Claudia B., Patient
June, 2015

"THE BEST part of my medical team is Crown Dental!"

Patti C., Patient
May, 2015

“Dr Nguyen is awesome. And his office staff an assistance are just as great. They are so accommodating. He better never leave Bakersfield. I will be so upset.”

Karen N., Patient
April, 2015

"I had a wonderful experience at Crown Dental. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and understand my needs. Dr. Nguyen is a caring and experienced dentist. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Crown Dental is definitely the place for me to fulfill my dental needs. Thanks Crown Dental. Keep up the good work!"

D. J., Patient
April, 2015

“Very good service, Dr. Nguyen is very nice to us. Love this place.”

Patchtree D., Patient
April, 2015

"My name is Mona and I'm 25 years old. I cannot remember at what age I started to grind my teeth while I slept, but I have had two front teeth chipped as long as I can remember. Growing up it used to be my biggest flaw and I always disliked smiling; it made me feel self-conscious and I felt like I had to smile without showing my teeth. Also, I got into the habit of covering my mouth when I talk because I would be so embarrassed. I always talked about fixing them, but everywhere I went it just seemed to be expensive for me until I found Crown Dental. They are so friendly and helped me with finding my best payment plan that worked for me. Not only do I love to smile now, but I have my confidence back and Dr. Nguyen is a great dentist too!"

Mona M., Patient
March, 2015

"I've been bringing my kids here for five years. My oldest had a really bad experience at another children's dentist. We found Crown Dental by a lucky accident. They are the best. My oldest is still a bit traumatized be the dental profession, but Dr. Tran always treats her with kindness and patience. I have no complaints here and recommend Dr Tran to anyone who asks:)"

Heather E., Patient's Mother
March, 2015

“Crown Dental has been amazing for both myself and my 2 year old Son. My son had his 2 front teeth beautifully capped and at a later date had 3 cavities filled. The staff and Dr. Tran were amazing with him and his smile is beautiful. Dr. Nguyen did 2 root canals for me and filled 12 cavities!! He was caring and personal throughout my treatment, he even called me personally after a day of extensive and a little pain to make sure I was ok and my pain had subsided. Not only was he caring and personal but extreamly efficient getting me in and getting my work done as fast and in as few appointments as possible as I have little babbies to care for, I don't drive and live in Tehachapi. Also Dr. Nguyen’s 2 Dental assistants (I don't know their names) impressed me as well as the front office staff. The front office staff always greeted me as if they knew me and they where fabulous in helping me figure out the best financial option for me. I really can't say enough about the Amazing care we recieved or about how happy I am with my own and my son's treatment at Crown Dental.”

Melissa E., Patient and Patient's mother
March, 2015

“The root canal and crown that you did feels good. I don’t have any pain. I totally trust you guys and thank you.”

Anson S., Patient

"Great place for the little ones and even teenagers. The female dentist is EXCELLENT she is very sweet and calming with my son (5) which every parent can appreciate.

Rooms are clean and colorfully decorated. Movies are always being played. Never too loud nor disruptive. Parents are allowed in room for the "simple" procedures, but for the more "detailed" procedures, parents must wait in the lobby, but, allowing us to peak in the window at anytime.

Staff is great. Everything from beginning to end is perfect. Even the wait time. The wait time is minimal. My only complaint is the lobby. It's tiny. Seating is minimal...but their is nothing they can do about that now ;)"

Marissa G., Patient's Mother
November, 2014

“Good dentist! My kids love it at Crown Dental.”

Alicia A., Patient's mother
April, 2014

“My kids are comfortable at Crown Dental & as a parent it is very important that your kids have a good experience at the dentist, the staff is great & patient with kids.”

Crystal P., Patient and Patient's mother
April, 2014

“Love our family dentists. Dr. Tran and Dr. Nguyen are the best!”

Daphne L, Patient
February, 2014

“Been taking my son there for a few years now and he likes to go there. Amazing, he likes to go to the dentist. Friendly staff, always pleasant to be around. Just wish the lobby area wasn't so cramped.”

James M., Patient's Father
January, 2014

"I couldn't ask for better dentists. My whole family comes here and I love it here. The children's dentist is so patient with my daughters who is so scared of any type of doctors. But when she comes here she's always happy and loves coming back every time. As for myself, doctor Nguyen's work has lasted for the last 6 years and I've never had any problems with them. The staff explains everything to you and show you the x-rays and photos with you so that you know exactly what you really need before paying for anything. I am so comfortable coming here and can't imagine going anywhere else.

Vivian T., Patient
December, 2011

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