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IPS e.max Crown

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Dental crowns are important restorations which enhance the health and functionality of the natural teeth.  A sparkling smile can be an enormous confidence-booster and have a dramatic effect on a person’s appearance. IPS e.max Crowns are renowned for their strength, durability and exceptional optical properties. 

Why should I choose IPS e.max Crowns?

IPS e.max crown is a high strength, metal-free, all-ceramic crown that provides optimum esthetics that has the strength to enable conventional or adhesive cementation. It is indicated for full anterior or posterior crowns. The all-ceramic materials have created wonderful opportunities for the fabrication of lifelike restorations that provide reliable, long-term results.

Patient Benefit

    •   Cosmetically superior crowns

    •   All-ceramic, nonmetal   

If you have questions about the IPS e.max Crowns, please contact our office.